Michigan Open February 24th, 2019
Gymnastics stars showing their super-human strength, breathtaking control, and creative flair in an action packed weekend at Mills Gymnastics USA.
Bike giveaway for lower level sessions
GoPro giveaway for upper level sessions
Michigan Open February 24th, 2019
Join us for magic of gymnastics!
Levels: Boys all levels
Equipment: AAI equipment will be used for the meet, provided by Mills Gymnastics, USA
Format: Modified Capital Cup
Michigan Open February 24th, 2019
Deadline for Registration: January 25, 2019.
Deadline for Level changes: February 1, 2019.
Deadline for refunds: February 1, 2019.
Late fee: $10 will apply per gymnast registered after the deadline for any changes.


Registration is closed for new entries.


Healthy, Confident, Responsible Children

Founded in 1994, Mills Gymnastics in Southgate, Michigan offers recreational and competitive gymnastics, trampoline & tumbling classes for children and teens of all skill-levels. We’re a family-owned gym, known for our small class sizes and outstanding staff that makes each and every class exciting, fun, and educational.